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is a coliving scale-up led by architects & designers, currently operating across Brussels. By re-imagining and transforming spaces in existing structures, Neybor's mission is to elevate the standard of living in cities. We believe that by sharing the right spaces we can obtain a much higher level of comfort for all.

While community may be at the heart of what we do, for us the process starts with your private space, an element which we never compromise on. By focusing on smarter configurations and better sound insulation we preserve the private sphere, thereby challenging the status quo of shared living.

At Neybor, we see design as a powerful force for good. Furniture and materials across all of our homes are carefully selected, and for the most part, designed and locally manufactured in house by our team.

More about us

Quality of space and materials. Across each Neybor home you will find that to be our founding principal. It is only through time and a thoughtful approach that you can aim for excellence. At Neybor our team of architects follow each project from beginning to end, tweaking and adapting every step of the way to offer the best living experience. By designing and producing most of our furniture, we can guarantee better modularity and longevity. Finally, we are there for our members, in case they ever need a friendly Neybor.

Flexible contracts and duration of stay, modern communication, tech-solutions for accessing your home, should all be a given if renting in a city today. What we really pride ourselves by is the quality of our members, spaces and general approach to positive living.

All our soaps and detergents are natural and make use of refilling containers. The coffee grains we deliver is organic and comes directly from our collaboration with producers.

Rather than expect the worst from our members, we expect the best from them. We provide high quality designer furniture, kitchen utensils and artwork, knowing that with this approach our members will value, enjoy and look after each of our homes.

A Seamless Process to Your New Urban Sanctuary

  1. Initiate your application: Click on "Become a Neybor" to fill out our online form and schedule a personal (video) call.
  2. Engage in a personalised conversation: Have a chat with our community manager, who will guide you through the Neybor lifestyle and answer any queries.
  3. Explore your options virtually: You'll received a curated selection of available spaces with virtual tours, allowing you to envision your future home from anywhere.
  4. Secure your space digitally: Finalise your choice and book your room through our fully digital process.
  5. Complete your agreement: Digitally sign your contract with ease.
  6. Finalise your commitment: Secure your chosen space by paying the application fee, deposit and the first month's lease.
  7. Welcome to Neybor: Congratulations, you're now part of our vibrant community, ready to experience the pinnacle of urban coliving.

At Neybor, everyone is invited to apply for a private space that redefines city living.

At Neybor, our heartfelt gratitude extends to our remarkable partners. Their collaboration is integral to our pursuit of constantly elevating home experiences and embracing sustainable practices.

Artistic environments: Our homes are galleries of ever-evolving art, thanks to our partnership with local artists, an esteemed online gallery. This collaboration showcases up-and-coming Belgian artists, infusing our spaces with dynamic and inspiring artistry.

Local & organic living: Expect nothing less than local, pure, simple, and organic in Neybor homes. Our alliances with local farms and organic shops fuel a circular economy, enabling us to provide wholesome, environmentally conscious products for our residents.

Bespoke furnishings from our own workshop: Neybor's commitment to quality is further exemplified in our recent acquisition of a carpentry workshop. Here, we meticulously craft made-to-fit furniture and carpentry, ensuring durability and style. We exercise therefore an unparalleled control over the quality, ensuring that our homes are adorned with furnishings designed to last and impress.

Meet our partnersMeet the Neyborhood

Our members all have one thing in common, they appreciate things well made. We are not talking about luxury here, but the thoughtful and careful approach that goes into doing something well, not fast. People who value positive thinking and breaking barriers of the status-quo, visionaries who strive for better.

Meet our membersMeet the Neyborhood

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